Friday, October 23, 2015

DIY: Laundry Room Redo!

I don't know what inspired this project... maybe it was the haphazard, crazy/disorganized laundry room that drove my type A personality insane.. but I do remember my husband came home after I had decided to tackle this new "project" and he was {slightly} annoyed.. Any who... one weekend later and the project was complete! Now I present to you, our awesome, organized laundry room!! {sorry there are no "official" before photos... when I get a project in my head, there is no stopping me. There are a few in progress photos :) }

First off... I want to mention that finding a paint color for this room was impossible very hard. I went through 3 different paint colors that I wasted spent $40 on before I finally settled on the same paint color that was already in my daughters room {Lowe's Valspar - Linen in eggshell}.  After I finally decided on the color, I knew that I wanted a flat surface to fold clothes on where the socks wouldn't fall through the back of the washer and dryer into the abyss.. So, I recruited my awesome, super helpful hubby to build me a wood counter top to lay over the washer and dryer!  Because he did this for me, I don't have any photos explaining the process, but, he did use a Kreg Jig to make the counter and the process was similar to these tutorials. Once the counter was installed, I found a shelf from Lowes that held baskets {from world market} that I store my Laundry essentials in. Now that everything is organized, I feel that this space is so much more functional for the many hours I spend doing laundry!

Hanging vases are from IKEA


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