Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby Shower Games & Activities!

Baby showers are a highly anticipated event for a brand new mommy-to-be!  Although I anticipated opening all of the gifts for my baby girl, I was more excited about celebrating this new life with family and friends!  Now, everyone knows that there are usually activities that go on at a baby shower.  The majority of them are very cheesy and somewhat overused (pin the diaper on the baby.. etc.).  The activities were probably the hardest part to plan out of the whole shower, so I was really excited when my best friend found these unique baby shower activities!
#1 The onesie station
Guests were able to use their creative abilities and design a onesie!  She had multiple different colors and sizes of onsies laid out with fabric squares that already had the iron-on adhesive.  All the guests had to do was cut out their design on the fabric, iron it on and Kylar instantly had another new outfit!

#2 Mr. Wright’s Baby Adventure
Arrange guests in a circle and give a wrapped prize to one guest. Read the story below out loud and have the guests pass the prize in the correct direction when they hear the words "left" or "right." Whoever has the prize last gets to open and keep it! To make it even more challenging, you could add a rule that the gift can only be passed when the word "right" or "left" is said.  For example, at my shower we passed the card when the narrator said Mr. or Mrs. Wright BUT you could challenge your guests and make them think harder by not allowing them to pass it when Mr. or Mrs. Wright is read and only when the word "right" is read! I think this game would have been a lot more fun if we would have used these rules! :)
The story:
Mr. WRIGHT jumped into action. It was time to take Mrs. WRIGHT RIGHT to the hospital – she was in labor! He LEFT the house, got in the car, and turned RIGHT out of the driveway. But he had to go RIGHT back home because he'd LEFT Mrs. WRIGHT behind. They both got in the car on the LEFT side, as the RIGHT side door wouldn't open.  Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT again LEFT for the hospital, turning RIGHT out of the driveway. They argued about the RIGHT turn, as Mrs. WRIGHT said that Mr. WRIGHT should have turned LEFT. Mr. WRIGHT kept insisting that he was absolutely RIGHT, but Mrs. WRIGHT kept insisting that the best way to the hospital was to the LEFT. Two blocks away, after another LEFT turn, they discovered they had LEFT Mrs. WRIGHT's overnight bag at home. So they made a LEFT turn, then a RIGHT, to go back home where they had LEFT the bag. As they turned RIGHT on to their street, Mrs. WRIGHT said, "Let's just go RIGHT to the hospital and get someone else to pick up the bag we LEFT."  So they went LEFT at the next block and turned RIGHT back around. Finally arriving at the hospital, Mr. WRIGHT pulled up to the front where they LEFT the car and dashed RIGHT in. The hospital staff wheeled Mrs. WRIGHT away. "Where are they taking her?" yelled Mr. WRIGHT. A nurse rushed him RIGHT after her. They headed down the hall and made a LEFT turn, then a RIGHT, and a LEFT again.
Mr. WRIGHT found Mrs. WRIGHT already in delivery. Then he realized that he'd LEFT the video camera in the car. He ran out of the room and RIGHT back where he'd come from. Not only had he LEFT the camera, he discovered, but he'd LEFT the headlights on, too.  Mr. WRIGHT wasted no time; he ran RIGHT back to his wife's room. As Mr. WRIGHT approached the room he could hear her screaming about how he'd LEFT and was nowhere in sight. When Mr. WRIGHT walked in, Mrs. WRIGHT was giving birth RIGHT then and there. Mr. WRIGHT passed out on the floor. When he came to, he got another shock. There was Mrs. WRIGHT embracing their new little bundles of joy. With two babies on her LEFT side and one on the RIGHT, Mrs. WRIGHT turned to her husband and said, "There weren't just two. The doctor was wrong!"
#3 Baby Bingo Game
Blank Bingo cards were passed out to guests and they were instructed to write down the different baby items that they thought I would receive.  As I was opening my presents, they would mark off that particular item on their card (if they predicted that I would receive that particular item).  The first person to get Bingo won a $5 gift card to Starbucks! You can adapt the rules however you want to.  For instance, you can tell them that they can’t write down the present that they got you on their card.  Also, you may want them to add a descriptive term onto their items (instead of writing “onesie” they would need to write “pink onesie”).  I thought this game was perfect for opening presents because the guests were actually involved in the present opening process instead of sitting there watching the mommy-to-be opening presents (which can be a little awkward sometimes).  You can print off the blank Bingo card below to use for your game!

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