Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gender Reveal Party!

I must confess, I stumbled upon this really fun idea one day when I was browsing the blog world and I decided whenever I had a baby I would definitely do this. Little did I know, that opportunity would come sooner than later! My best friend and I had so much fun gathering decorating ideas and activites for the party and most importantly, planning this party served as a much needed distraction from the stresses of PA school.  Even though Raynor wasn't able to be at the party because he was in Arizona for spring training, this party was a great way to share our exciting news with friends and family! It was really important to me that our family and friends found out together and in person since we live far away. I didn't want to tell them this exciting and special news on the phone so this was a perfect way for us to celebrate together! Here are some fun pictures from the party!

The invitation!

The guests cast their vote for boy or girl and then wore either a flower or a baseball to represent their choice!

I decided to go with a pink and green color scheme instead of pink and blue.  So, pink means girl and green means boy!
This served as our "scoreboard" for a wives tale game that we played!  I plan on doing a Gender Reveal "How-to" post later and I will describe all of the specifics of the game then but, basically we read off several of the old wives tales and tallied up how many indicated I would have a boy versus a girl!

Since it was a gender reveal party, it only seemed appropriate to tie in the theme with the food!  We served little weenies and oreo tata's (oreo balls)! 
 According to the wives tales, I am having a BOY!

Everyone opened up their fortune cookies to see that its a...

We are so excited to announce that we are having a boy!  We cant wait to meet our little guy in September! We have also decided on a name. Raynor is very excited because he says its a great baseball name :)

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