Saturday, May 18, 2013

More than conquerors

Lately, I have been thinking there seems to be one trial and tribulation after another which often gets very exhausting and can bog my spirit down.  Sometimes it is hard to not get discouraged and wonder what God's purpose is for that particular trial in my life.  First of all, I think these hard times are in some ways a gift because it shows us that He cares and is continually molding us in His image.  For example, if my daughter gets near the stove top and attempts to touch it, I am going to tell her not to do it.  If she decides to be contrary and do it anyways (which unfortunately, happens a lot) then I will physically remove her from that dangerous situation.  I think this is the same thing that God does with us.  A lot of times, he tries to send us messages through the holy spirit (much like my verbal warning to my daughter) but the majority of the time, we don't listen.  So, sometimes he intervenes because he knows what is best for us. And, we learn a lot about ourselves, our relationship with God and our faith along the way.

Secondly, I think that although the Lord uses trials to better us and protect us, Satan tries to use them to make us weary.  However, I take comfort in the fact that I don't have to rely on myself or my own means to take care of my situation.  The bible says "yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors  and  gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us." (Romans 8:37 AMP)  We are more than conquerors!! That means that no matter what situation I may be facing, I know that I am victorious in Christ Jesus who gives me strength!  All of my debts will be paid, my sins forgiven and my family provided for! That is why I refuse to worry or fret what tomorrow may bring because I hold steadfast to the truth that I serve a mighty God who loves me deeply and already knows my path for the future.  I choose to not give Satan the victory over my situation by causing me anguish and frustration. Daniel 7:25 says "and he shall wear out the saints of the most high".  This is why I am realizing it is ever important to remain strong and faithful in Him and to not be clouded by a haze of worldly fears and anxiety.  Life is much more peaceful with a God-centered heart!

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